Self-Publishing Consultant

“A wealth of invaluable, in-depth information that went far beyond the basics, encompassing every imaginable facet of self-publishing from first draft, to building a following long before publication, to ensuring a highly successful launch day, to detailed step-by-step strategies for publicizing and promoting your book. “ ~ Deborah Bennett

“I’d definitely recommend it to every writer I know.” ~ Andie Ptack

“Everything I hoped for: Inspiring, motivating, thoughtful, jam-packed.” ~ Leslie Cole

Specialty Coaching Areas:

•How to Improve Your Writing in 30 Days

•How to Measure (and KNOW) the Quality of Your Work

•Building & Managing Your Self-Publishing Team

•Content Marketing: Promoting Throughout the Project

•Building Your Audience

•Creating a Launch Calendar

•Marketing After Release

•Six Sales Strategies that Work

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