6 thoughts on “A Message for the Times from an Average, Ordinary Guy

    • Thank you STEVE
      NEALA is my long time great friend
      So enjoyed your words and how very relevant. Do continue your great work
      Pat Harris
      Vero Beach Fl

  1. I too, have walked the Camino Frances (summer of 2015). I also came away with a renewed vision of my faith. I wonder, have you read any of the work of Richard Rohr (Center for Action & Contemplation)? I find his sense of the Divine Flow, the universal understanding of Gods love, is so healing and encouraging. I am working through his book, The Divine Dance, now with my spiritual director and a prayer circle. I do not use evangelism as my language of faith, but I hear a bit in your story. Somehow we must find a place and a space to see all of creation as part of the Divine flow, the energy of goodness and wholeness. I am aghast that the Ecangelical movement has endorsed the current administration. I feel that is completely against my own belief and moral understanding. Kudos to you for calling out injustice and hate!

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