What would a “Blog-You-Mentary” look like?

I’ve developed a web domain hording habit.

It’s just another quirk in the day-to-day life of an OCD wanna-be-make-a-difference-in-the-world blogger-dreamer, I suppose.

The wife says she prefers $9.99 domain buying to sitting at a black jack table, and so I’ve embraced the habit with her endorsement. Inevitably, it takes our bank account to the brink each and every month.

For years, my personal email at stevewatkins71@yahoo.com has carried a quotable tagline from anthropologist Margaret Meade I first discovered after watching a Nickelback video titled, “If Everyone Cared.” The video’s last few seconds fade to Meade’s quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

It’s become something of a mantra for me because of its simple truth.

A couple of years later, I was further inspired by an award-winning documentary titled: “Playing for Change: Peace through Music,” and another great video that beautifully promoted its cause.

If you do nothing else for yourself today, please give this a watch, and be inspired. Talk about a magnificent collaboration…

Since discovering the blogging world and becoming an active participant a year or so ago, I’ve adopted the following beliefs about its potential:

  • The blogosphere makes the world much smaller.
  • It’s a great place to discover unbelievable talent.
  • Possibilities for world-changing collaboration are everywhere.
  • We’ve yet to conceive just how powerful this tool may become.

Some domains I’ve purchased are simply for future fun: i.e., www.BBQNazi.com; others are for promotion of future creative works: i.e. www.LightWins.com. In the grand scheme, they’re small ideas with which I’ll have a little fun and occupy some creative time.

But what of the bigger picture? There’s not a day goes by when I don’t wonder about a bigger blog impact and how it might be achieved.

I’m convinced the core of the human spirit is relational. Our most divine of inspiration comes from others.

Forget the presidential debates, Justin Beiber‘s last tweet, or the latest-greatest iPhone. Did you happen to catch the most amazing three hours in recent human history yesterday when Felix Baumgartner compelled the world to dream once again? That’s a story worth telling.


I have an ever-growing relationship with the support departments at www.godaddy.com and www.wix.com. For the record, they’re two of the most efficient and helpful support departments I’ve encountered. Real professionals, they are.

Last Friday, I called in to buy yet another domain: www.BlogYouMentary.com.

“This is really good. What are you going to do with it?” the support specialist asked as we went through the standard domain-buying gyrations.

“I’m not sure yet,” I responded, “but I like it too.”

So there it is: http://www.BlogYouMentary.com…

I’m wondering:

  • What exactly does a “blogyoumentary” look like?
  • What form does it take?
  • Is it a solo project, or one to be taken on collaboratively with other bloggers who have a desire to change the world … and, if so, who might be interested?
  • How could it be used for the greater good?

Endless possibilities, I think.

Wondering what you think…

What does a “blogyoumentary” look like, and where does it go from here?

I sincerely welcome your comments, questions and thoughts, and even a “reblog,” if you deem the question worthy.

~ steve


9 thoughts on “What would a “Blog-You-Mentary” look like?

  1. Whatever form you give it, whatever direction you take it. I’d love to be involved! A collection of bloggers shaping a world for the betterment of mankind is something I’m passionate about. I’d love the opportunity to show a peaceful existence can be had in world of narcissistic leaders. I’m not sure if thats the direction you see the blog going, but if it is, count me in! I’d be willing to help in any way possible. People are craving change. A better world our leaders have forgotten about. It’s almost like they want to breed hate. A collection of bloggers just might be able to give the world what it’s looking for. If I may borrow a John Lennon quote, “I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one.” I guess thats what blogyoumentary looks like in my head.

    • Thanks, Tony. I can envision a collaborative effort, plus a few other components. We’ll see where it goes, but I think it has possibilities.

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  4. Blogyoumentary, a collection or network of like minded bloggers joined together for a common cause, that documents the struggles, the successes, the highs, and the lows of their efforts for said cause. A central site where others can go to keep informed and updated on the cause.

  5. A documentary is a look at something real. The Velveteen Rabbit book says we are real if we are loved. I am feeling very loved today, so I must be real. I also gave a lot of love today, thus making others real. Not sure if that is what you had in mind but for me that is what keeping it real feels like.

    Thank you so much for the Playing For Change song. I had heard of this before and then lost track of it. What a fabulous project. Music does move the heart and soul and sways the body to and fro.

    All we can do is share it all. Share it all.

    So let’s share this space and make people feel real.


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