This Marketing Message is Lost on Me…

In a weird pasttime, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the visual marketing messages on U-Haul trucks as they travel down the road.

It’s interesting to wonder where they’re going and the story behind the move.

But when I saw this truck yesterday, I had to wonder what U-Haul’s marketing department was thinking.

What am I missing here???



3 thoughts on “This Marketing Message is Lost on Me…

  1. Being from Manitoba, I’m not quite sure I appreciate the artwork. The truth of it is that about 40 minutes from Winnipeg is a very large quarry called the snake pits where there are millions of garter snakes. Harmless but plentiful. Haven’t been myself, but I should take my boys.

    • Oh, wow, Robb. Thanks so much for offering that insight. When I saw this, I wondered what they heck is it? Now you’ve given me the answer! Still some interesting marketing imagery though. I don’t think I’d like it either if Manitoba were my home. Surely, there’s something better. Thanks so much for your comment!

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