Summer Solstice Resolutions

Today is summer solstice.

There are 15 hours and 36 minutes of daylight in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

With so many hours in the day, I’ve been thinking, and hereby resolve to:

1. Watch more sunsets.

2. Read more.

3. Write more.

4. Limit the number of blogs I have to at least 10. Too many topics and not enough categories…

5. Keep an eye on the weather and watch for a long weekend of rainy days. That’ll be my next binge writing session.

6. Finish my book by October.

7. Start running again.

8. Set a few rules guidelines for living out the years ahead.

9. STOP and take a picture when I want to take a picture. No more driving by and regretting.

10. Kiss my family members when the urge hits.

11. Question myself a little less.

12. Stop and help people more often.

13. Enjoy freedom.

14. Pursue.

15. Strive to learn to relax.

16. Define success.

17. Remember good things.

18. Right wrongs.

19. Sleep just a few minutes later.

20. Learn more about forgiveness.

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