Really interesting insight on a controversial “religious” topic most people don’t talk much about.

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I grew up in a Pentecostal tradition that places a fairly strong emphasis on the belief that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Out of that emphasis has come many powerful testimonies, some head-scratching situations, and more than a few comical stories. Many of us who grew up in the tradition came to expect that when a young person was seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the altar s/he was assured a high probability of encountering more than one apparent Holy Spirit experts.

I have a memory of being a preadolescent seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the balmy altar of a late night service at summer church camp. On one side of me was an intercessory expert proclaiming, “You have to hold on!” On the other side was a prayer warrior yelling, “You have to let go!”…

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